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Proudly Australian owned Talavou Naturals formed in 2007 and is a family owned business. Its name was defined ‘Talavou’ - meaning ’beautiful’,  inspired by the islands of the South Pacific. Talavou started from a passionate hobby of making natural body products and candles, which were sold at local markets on the north coast, NSW. Along with perseverance for producing quality products came the interest for creating natural makeup. Also came the motivation to create an affordable, easy to use, simple range of makeup for women. Designed to achieve a natural everyday look. Therefore Talavou Naturals makeup was created.
Why we love Talavou Naturals
If you want to achieve the bronzed goddess, accentuated cheekbone look, than go no further than Talavou. The natural mineral makeup range ticks all of our favourite boxes. The products are free form nasties, are sun smart, user friendly and long lasting. The Glo and Lustre products are divine. You only need a small amount on a brush and your left with full coverage, healthy color and shine.
Brand manager – Vanessa