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Established in 2005 in Melbourne and with a passion for tea, tea history, culture and it’s benefits, Teablossoms provide unique premium teas with the aim of tea drinking popular again. With such delightful blends, we think they’re on to something!
Why we love Teablossoms
I am a bit of an aromaholic, so the first thing I do with beauty products, food or drink is lift it to my nose and inhale deeply. Tea Blossoms teas smell beautiful and a lovely cup of tea in the afternoon is a welcome respite from a busy day here at bbHQ. Fairytale is their signature blend and I have heard it described as a tea cocktail as it is so aromatic. The Blooming Teas are simply gorgeous, like a mini garden in your tea pot!) 
Brand manager - Sam
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We currently do not stock these products in our shop, however as one of our brand partners you could find this brand sampled in your bellabox.

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