theBalm Cosmetics

The ultimate concept behind theBalm Cosmetics was brewed in Marissa Shipman’s kitchen when she purchased 11 books on “how to make makeup”. theBalm Cosmetics has come a long way since that little experiment in Marissa’s kitchen, boasting a full range of remarkable color cosmetics, skincare products and nail polishes. Paraben- and cruelty-free, theBalm Cosmetics’ multi purpose products provide quick solutions for the beauty maven. The brand is a forerunner of the female empowerment, with retro-inspired packaging coupled with clever slogans that endeavors to inspire women. 

Why we love theBalm cosmetics

We love a brand that encourages us to let our creativity roar with their easy-to-use and multi-tasking color cosmetics. The catchy and cute retro-inspired packaging with its quirky woman-empowering content makes us squeal with delight (highly unnecessary, but oh the thrill) each time we pick it up.

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