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Tweezerman started in 1980 with a single product – the Splintertweeze® which became an instant best seller! This was thanks to its perfectly aligned hand filed tips. Cue the perfection of every girl’s must have - the eyebrow tweezer. Now a best seller of it’s own worldwide, there’s no use splitting hairs to measure who is the best in beauty when it come to plucking; Tweezerman it is!
Why we love Tweezerman
Tweezerman have long been the name to turn to when you are looking for quality tweezers, and are a must have item for many top makeup artists. I have had the same Tweezerman pair for well over five years and they haven’t lost their grip. They did these cute limited edition with diamantes and as they were a shocking pink, I had to have them. They are a slant tweezer perfect for shaping but I also have a point tweezer for precision and fine hairs. 
Brand manager - Sam
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