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Udderly Smooth

Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth products contain rich moisturising ingredients. Not your average lotion (years ago, Udderly Smooth was originally invented in Ohio for use on poor dairy cows in harsh conditions!) it is now used for dry and chapped skin on people worldwide. Now it’s SO popular, imitations have popped up everywhere, all with fake cow connotations! But look for the lotion with the black and white spots for the serious and original moisturisation innovation! 
Why we love Udderly Smooth
I love a cute story that is the beginning of a great product and Udderly Smooth has a fun story and cute packaging. Originally developed 30 years ago in the US by a pharmacist for use on dairy cows with dry irritated udders, the farmers noticed their hands becoming much softer after they applied the udder cream to their cows. It quickly garnered a cult following, and farmers were pretending to buy the cream for their cows, but were really buying it for themselves! There are many products in the range, but the cult fave is still the original Udder Cream, and it now lives on my desk to as a quick fix for my dry elbows.

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