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Cosmetics brand ulta3 has sold over 1.5 million nail polishes in the last year and is the number one selling nail brand in the Australian market.
With ulta3 expect salon quality nail enamel that is long lasting and features every colour from classics to neutrals, and on-trend hues. ulta3 is a well-established, highly competitive cosmetics brand operating within the impulse market.
Why we love Ulta3
Sam – Senior Brand Manager We spend a lot of time talking about nail colours here at bellabox HQ. The discussions are serious and sometimes quite lengthy. In fact since working with bellabox, I have been inspired by the glossy digits of my colleagues and ventured into the land of nail colour. Previously, I had been a shell pink girl, but now I boast an impressive collection of colours. I even wore (gasp) midnight blue the other day.
While it’s lovely to have the hottest nail colour from the French brand we all covet, sometimes a girl likes to have a selection of colors that don’t cost a bomb. Especially if it’s a must have colour like fluro yellow, you may only wear it once or twice and then it’s so yesterday, dahling. Bloggers love this brand because of the superior quality of the polish and the great price. Ulta 3 have hundreds of colours and release a new colour story every season with colours hot on the runway. For the teensy price of $2, you don’t have to choose just one, you can have them all!

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