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Did you know Vaseline has been a dry skin staple since 1870? These days, the brand offers more than the signature tubs of Petroleum Jelly, catering to all kinds of skin and all types of skincare needs. Chances are your mum and her mum used it before you – time to keep the tradition going strong with a classic cult favourite.
Why we love Vaseline
Ultimate 10 by Vaseline is one of the first body products to include anti ageing ingredients such as AHA, pro-retinol and vitamin B3. It is formulated to deliver 10 visible results such as reduced wrinkles, firm feeling skin, even skin tone, hydrated skin, reduced dark marks, more supple skin, refined skin texture, radiant skin, soft and smooth younger looking skin on the body. We slather anti aging moisturisers on our face, so no excuse to forget the body now!
Brand manager – Sam
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