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Violent Lips

Violent Lips was created by entertainment industry veteran Jeff Haddad and his daughters Isabella and Sophia. Violent Lips is a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos that stay put from the stage to the after-party. These FDA approved, vegan lip tattoos are tested on supermodels, not animals and they are made in America.
Why we Love Violent Lips
Violent Lips is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment, pun intended. At bb HQ, we are all over new trends in beauty, and when we heard Violent Lips had arrived, we had to have them! They are such a fun product, and you can be completely out there with Glitterari like Lucy in BB Marketing, or you can channel rockabilly style with the Red Polkadot like Bridget in E-Commerce, Laura from Logistics likes Pink Giraffe and our fearless leader MD Sarah would wear a more classic look, the Pink Kiss. Me, I don’t like to discriminate, I would wear them all!

We currently do not stock these products in our shop, however as one of our brand partners you could find this brand sampled in your bellabox.

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