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How to Look Like a Beach Babe without Hitting the Sand


Pocket money doesn’t extend to a beach vacay this January? No biggie. With these quick and easy tips, you’ll be the beachiest babe of all. Minus the sandy crotch and painful sunburn.


Embrace those freckles

Nothing says ‘I’ve been at the beach all summer’ like a freckle-smattered nose. Oh-so-cute and oh-so-on-trend, freckles are the ultimate surfer girl accessory. So, keep your foundation ultra-light to let them shine through!

Not blessed with true blue frecks? No worries. There are loads of tutorials online that’ll show you how to fake ‘em.


Skip the hair tools

High maintenance hair has no place in a beach babe’s life. She needs to be ready to hit the surf at any moment, without worrying about ruining her blow dry. Or whether she left the straighteners on.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair! Whether you actually are hitting the beach, or just loafing around the city this summer, a purifying shampoo is a great way to remove build up and enhance your colour. With a minty and refreshing scent (summer in a bottle), John Frieda’s Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo* gently detoxifies and hydrates the hair, while adding texture. pH balanced and formulated with seaweed and peppermint extracts, it gently brightens all hair colours as it refreshes and softens.

Follow with the Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner, then bring in the beach babe big guns, aka a killer sea-salt spray. A decent dousing in John Frieda Ocean Waves Sea-Salt Spray will give you the kind of covetable beach hair that not even a dip in the big blue can achieve!

Mist through damp or dry hair, comb to distribute, then use your hands to muss it or twist it into ‘ropes’ for unstructured, casual waves. With a sexy matte finish and texture for days.


Pare back your makeup

Polished and pretty? Keep it for the office. Beach babes are all about minimal makeup, and near-bare skin that glows. Channel ultimate mermaid Erin Wasson’s low-fi vibe with a BB cream, wash of bronzer, slick of brow gel, and single coat of mascara.


Rock a bikini under your tank top

Yes, it’s cheating. But it’s also far less of a hassle than lugging around a surf board. Plus, you’ll always be ready for that impromptu pool party!

*These prods are from the John Frieda Beach Blonde range, but they work a treat with all hair colours. 


Cover Image: Madi Edwards