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5 Fun Lipstick Facts That Might Surprise You!

Of all the products in your makeup bag, lipstick is hands down the best cheerer-upperer and hangover hider. It’s also the most interesting cosmetic, by a long shot. Not convinced? Here are five fun lipstick facts to whip out at your next trivia sesh!


The Lipstick Lure

When it comes to powers of attraction, red lipstick comes up trumps. A University of Manchester study revealed men spend considerably more time gazing at women with lippie than those without. Red lipstick had the greatest pulling power, holding the male gaze for an average of 7.23 seconds, compared to a mere 2.2 seconds for a bare pout.


Women buy MORE lippie during a financial downturn.
If you want to know the state of the economy, keep an eye on the sale of lipsticks. According to the “lipstick effect” theory, consumers will steer clear of big ticket luxury goods when feeling the pinch, but increase their outlay on more affordable luxury items, such as lippies. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing like a new lipstick to turn that recession-induced frown upside down!


Lipstick’s not just for the ladies.
In ancient Rome and Egypt, lipstick was worn by BOTH sexes as a show of wealth and social standing. Thankfully for us ladies, the fellas ditched the lip paint during the French Revolution, when a pretty pout was a sign you sympathised with the much-loathed aristocracy. 


We ingest A LOT of lipstick in our lifetime.
That slap you’re popping on your pie hole? Sorry, but you’re bound to end up swallowing a whole heap of it. Some bloated (gu)estimates tip the amount ingested to be as much as 7 pounds (over 3kgs!) over a lifetime of regular wear. So, since you’re munching so much of it, doesn’t it make sense to choose a lipstick with ingredients that wouldn’t sound out of place in your kitchen?

100% natural and designed in New Zealand,  Karen Murrell lipsticks are a premium range of long-lasting lippies that pack a major pigment punch, without any of the common cosmetics nasties. Enriched with avocado oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange, they smell heavenly, glide on, are long lasting and bursting with colour that improves the condition of your pout with each wear. Now that is yummy!​

Lipstick can break up a marriage.
And not just if you leave it on the collar of a lover’s shirt... In the 1700s, Pennsylvania law allowed for marriage annulment if it was found a deceitful woman had falsely wooed her husband by wearing lipstick or cosmetics prior to their vows. Scandalous!

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