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6 Ways to Power Up Your Morning Shower


You probably spend a few minutes in your cubicle every morning, but are you making the most of your shower time? Instead of simply running through your to-do list, here are six of our top tips to power up your shower for an awesome day.


1. Swap soap for a shower milk

While you might like that squeaky-clean feeling, some soaps can be incredibly drying to the skin. Original Source shower milks deliver a fruity moisture boost that softens the skin and lifts the spirits. Made with real vegan milk extracts and 100% natural fragrance, they leave the skin soft, smooth, and never tight. Choose from Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk, Lime & Coconut Milk, and Green Banana & Bamboo Milk. Delish!


2. Turn the heat down

If you don’t want to be buying shares in body lotion, turn down the heat a little. Scalding hot water is super drying, and you can even burst your capillaries. (A good reason never to face the shower stream front on!)


3. Multi-task

Don’t just stand there and waste water while you do your hair masque – use a body scrub! 100% natural, in yummy Blood Orange or Tea Tree, the scrubs from Original Source leave your skin silky smooth and invigorated. So, add a little scrub-a-dub-dub to your shower.


4. Do your bit to save the planet

We’re not going to suggest you shower with a friend to save water (unless you’re into that), but do try to keep things fairly snappy. You can also help the planet out by opting for recyclable bottles, like the ones from those babes at – you guessed it – Original Source.


5. Give your bacne the flick

Tea tree has antibacterial and healing properties that make it a natural nemesis of acne. Lathering up with a tea tree-enriched formula, like Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel, will help prevent that pesky bacne.


6. Save the animals

Yes, you can save your furry friends while you shower! Original Source puts ethics over profits, and all products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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