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5 Simple Steps for Healthy Winter Hair

Winter’s not just tough on your skin; it can wreak serious havoc on your hair! The dry air, artificial heating and static electricity all add up to strands in need of a little TLC. So, to keep your crowning glory, well, glorious, make sure you stick with these five simple steps for healthy winter hair.


1. Change your shampoo schedule

Cold weather and heating can lead to parched locks and your scalp can also become dry and flaky. Over-washing your hair will only exacerbate the problem, so try to space out your shampoo days if possible. Manage oily roots on your off-days with Revlon Uniq One Dry Shampoo. With a refreshing scent, the handy spritz also adds volume and helps preserve your colour.  


You should also consider switching up your regular shampoo for a more hydrating option. Gentle on the scalp and hair, Uniq One Conditioning Shampoo has 10 hair-loving benefits, including boosting shine and controlling frizz, as well as strengthening your strands and preventing split ends.


UO Conditioning Shampoo 300ml  $29.95


UO Dry Shampoo 300ml $32.95



2. Style smart

During the big chill, it’s important to put the brakes on excessive heat styling. Limit your exposure to heated styling tools and ALWAYS prep the hair with a protective product. Also in the Uniq One range, the versatile Hair Treatment is our go-to. With UV filters and super detangling powers, it provides heat protection and frizz control, while giving the strands amazing shine and body and extending the life of your ‘do. Available in Lotus, Classic and Coconut.


UO Hair Treatment 150ml SRP $29.95




3. Sleep on a silk pillowcase & line your beanie

The lack of moisture in the air is responsible for that all-too-familiar static winter hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase allows your hair to glide freely without snagging, tangling and breaking. It’s a good idea to protect your hair from the elements with a beanie or hat, but consider lining it with a silk scarf to prevent dreaded hat hair and minimise frosty weather friction.


4. Mask up

A weekly winter mask is a must to restore moisture, nourish, and prevent split ends. Revlon Uniq One Super10r Hair Mask is the mask with the most – delivering deep hair damage repair, and strengthening from the roots to the tips. Ultra-hydrating, it’s absorbed in just three minutes, leaving distressed hair soft, silky and gorgeously glossy.


UO Mask  $32.95



5. Dry your hair before heading outside

If your hair is wet, the cold can cause it to expand and lead to unnecessary breakage. So, air dry or cool blow dry your hair thoroughly before leaving the comfort of your home.



Cover Image via @simplybiancaalexa