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Your complete guide to the A-Beauty skincare routine

While beauty is often therapeutic, it can also be exhausting when you have multiple steps to follow (hint: The 10-step K-Beauty routine) to achieve your desired results. This is where Australian Beauty aka A-Beauty comes in to save you. The reason beauty brands and products from the continent are gaining popularity the world over is thanks to their simplicity. A-Beauty is natural, easy to use and fuss-free, while still delivering fabulous hair and glowing skin. If you find yourself rushing out of the house every morning or consider yourself a beginner to the world of beauty, A-Beauty will sort you out. 

A-Beauty by bellabox comes with eight products, covering hair, skin and body, each of which represents the best of what is Aussie. Here’s our guide to how our A-Beauty edit can make your beauty routine a tad bit easier and a whole lot of fun!

La’ Bang Body Hair Hydrate Me Hydrating Hair + Scalp Mask

When it comes to hair care, it’s safe to say that most of us don’t have the time to head over to the salon on a fortnightly basis. What if we told you that you could indulge in an intense hair treatment while you’re binge-watching Netflix? This hair and scalp mask contains four hydrating and strengthening oils - coconut, Moroccan argan, jojoba and macadamia - that will help repair your mane faster than your pizza delivery will get to you. While the Argan oil helps target split ends and frizziness, the coconut oil promotes a healthy scalp, macadamia looks after breakage and elasticity and jojoba bids goodbye to the dryness. Simply apply this natural hair care blend for a quick fix of health over the weekend, and a single Friends episode later, you’re set! Comb through dry hair from roots to tips and wash off after 20 minutes. 

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask

Sand & Sky’s best-seller, this detoxifying mask contains 50% pure Australian Pink Clay as opposed to other clay masks that stand at 10-15%.  It’s the perfect facial treat to accompany your hair mask session. Apply it once a week for 10 minutes and wash off for an instant detox and glow, all in one. While the clay detoxes, antioxidants like mangosteen, pomegranate, liquorice and kakadu plum help invigorate and brighten, and witch hazel and kelp refine your pores. It truly is a power-packed skincare treatment in an at-home-friendly jar. 

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

Sticky, congested skin can be an instant buzzkill. All the more reason exfoliation should remain a staple in your skincare routine, especially if you have oily or combination skin. Australian Pink Clay is a fabulous, deep-cleansing ingredient that helps clear out congestion and leaves you with clean, fresh skin and refined pores. Plus, the macadamia and bamboo powders help kick flakiness back to its nest and hydrate your skin along the way. Use this 2-3 times a week once cleansing your skin for a quick morning skin fix. If you have dry or sensitive skin, start by using this once a week and continue your usage depending on your skin’s reaction.

Grown Alchemist Tinted Age-Repair Lip Treatment

Believe it or not, your lips age a lot faster than you’d think. We’re constantly using those muscles to speak, eat and sip which is why they wear out faster than our other body parts. Plus, let it be summer or winter, a dry pout seems to be a skin concern that shows up regardless of the temperature. Popular export Grown Alchemist has a Tinted Lip Treatment that’s part of its Age-Repair collection, a full size of which you’ll find in your A-Beauty box. While the tint universally flatters every skin tone, the tri-peptide, collagen and hyaluronan blend plumps your lips for a perfect pout. Think smoother lip line and visibly reduced fine lines around the lip area. The African Butter Tree extract looks after the dryness and Violet Leaf extract heals your pucker on the whole. All with a single swipe - what’s not to love?

Keeko Vegan Coconut Wax Tooth Floss 

You know what’s more annoying than having food stuck in your teeth? Your floss not being able to get it out. Enter: the Keeko Vegan Coconut Wax Tooth Floss. This one’s coconut-oil-based so you’re assured it’s vegan. The lubrication makes for an easier floss, getting to the toughest of corners for a fresh feel. The added natural coconut flavour is simply a plus! It’s the perfect handbag accessory for when you need a quick fix.

MCoBeauty Double-Ended Fibrelash Mascara 

False lashes can be such a struggle to put on, and nobody can deny the band-aid-like feel of taking them off. This innovative mascara by MCoBeauty makes it super easy to get thick, dramatic lashes without any painful glue involved. This mascara comes with two ends - one with lash fibres and another with the black extension mascara. Start off by curling your lashes and follow up with a coat of the black mascara. Then, immediately apply a coat of the fibres, which you will notice will stick onto the mascara, adding volume. About 20 seconds later, top up with another coat of the extension mascara and you’re done! They’re also safe if you wear contacts, so lens-wearers need not worry.

BettyFace Cocobetty Coconut Oil Wipes 

Been wanting to start using coconut oil to take the day off your face? Meet BettyFace. Try these organic coconut oil wipes that work as a single step night-time skincare regime, especially great if you’re a beauty beginner. Coconut oil is known to be an intense moisturiser with the benefits of Vitamin E, hydrating fatty acids and also the antibacterial properties of lauric acid. Warm the sachet in your palms, unfold the wipe and use to cleanse through your entire face, makeup and all. Once absolutely clean, leave the residual oil on your face as night-time hydration, and let the nourishment sink in. The wipes are also biodegradable, so you’re not harming the environment at all. It’s a win-win!

Dr Roebuck’s Icebergs Hydrating Mask 

Another popular export loved by users around the world, Dr Roebuck’s Icebergs Hydrating mask is made for the days your skin feels dull and parched. Trust red algae, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber to come together as a nourishing and soothing cocktail for your skin. It’s like one big drink of hydration in the form of a face mask. Start by using this every other day, before you go to bed, leave on for 10-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. After the first week, you can start to use this about 2-3 times per week, depending on how much of it your skin craves. It’s the skin-plumping formula you’ve been looking for. 

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