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How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone



How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone.  


A red lipstick is perhaps the most famous make up item of all time.


Rich in history, red lipstick conjures old Hollywood glamour and effortless rock star beauty (think Marilyn Monroe blowing a kiss, Taylor Swift performing at the Grammy’s and the iconic logo of The Rolling Stones). 

A dramatic sweep of red lipstick can transform a plain outfit into a timeless chic look and it brings out the natural flush in your cheeks - CUTE. 


Not yet convinced? We are here to help! Red lipstick can be nerve wracking to try for the first time, so here is the fool-proof bellabox guide to achieving the perfect match: 


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  1. Swatch, swatch, and swatch again! 

Shopping for a red lipstick is a marathon, not a sprint.

Trying a variety of shades will help you figure out what suits you best. 

Red lipstick can vary from the warmest brick to cool ruby hues. 

Set yourself up at your local make up counter where you will have access to micellar water, make up wipes and cleanser and keep trying until you find one that you love.  


  1. Get a feel for it

Lip products come in all kinds of textures - gloss, matte, satin, cream.

If you tend to have chapped dry lips, avoid matte lipsticks and opt for a nourishing satin or cream lipstick. Want long lasting colour that won’t budge all day? Try a lip stain or matte which can withstand eating and drinking. 


  1. Know your undertones

The most important piece of advice from this list is here! 

Considering your skin tone will elevate your look and is a tried and trusted way to choose a red lipstick. 


  • Darker skin tones look beautiful with deeper shades, think luscious, crushed berry tones and wine reds. 
  • Olive skin tones look beautiful with warm bright reds like coral red and poppy. 
  • Medium skin tones look amazing with both cooler and warmer reds. Lucky! 
  • Light/fair skin tones can try to match to the natural pink flush of your skin! Cool reds reign supreme, which are sometimes referred to as ‘blue reds.  

Still confused about your skin tone? 

Look at the inside of your wrist in natural light! 

If you have blue/purple veins, this indicates a cool skin tone. 

If you notice they are greenish blue you might have a warm skin tone, and if you have a mix of both you have neutral-toned skin. 


  1. Ease yourself in! 

If red lipstick is an entirely new addition to your makeup bag, try going slowly to build up your confidence. Sheer lipsticks with a subtle hint of color are a wonderful way to start your red journey! 

Another trick is to gently pat the lipstick onto your lips to give yourself a soft stain and add more whenever you see fit. 


  1. Line those lips

Applying red lipstick can be tricky at first, always go in with a lip liner in a similar shade if you are unsure. Outlining the lips will stop smudging and ensure a perfected and precise pout. 

We hope you loved this guide! 


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